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Believe Art Print Sign by Laurie Sherrell Maurey  John 3:16

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by Heaven to Hand

Christian sign with Believe with John 3:16 by Laurie Sherrell-Maurey

Crisis 101 Coach Kit

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by Grace Ministries

Crisis (Greek – krisis) literally means “the turning point of a disease”. It was used by ancient physicians to describe the point in an illness when things can go toward recovery or not. In modern times we use the term to define very difficult, life-changing events in our lives and the lives of others. All of us are either going into a crisis, coming out of one, or in the midst of it right now. And we know lots of other people in the same boat. So what do we do? How do we handle those “life-changing” times? And, just as important, how do we help others in crisis? Join Dr. Robert Morgan as he gives us 10 basic strategies to navigate those troubled and stormy times in our lives. He will help us see that times of crisis can be faith building. We can be victorious and give praise to the One that has delivered us! Learn how to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. He continually stepped into crisis with words of hope, peace, joy and love. We can do the same. Watch the seas part as you begin this adventure. Set contains 10 sessions, 10 Participant Manuals, Leader Guide, Promotional Artwork, and Bonus DVD Set. Session lengths: 20-25 minutes each. Crisis 101 is amazingly versatile and can be used in a multitude of ministry areas. • Bible Class Elective • Midweek Bible Group • Weekend Retreat • Evangelism Training • Church-Wide Outreach • Student Ministries • Individual & Family Counseling • Home Groups (Online Version) • Parenting Class • Men’s/Women’s Discipleship • Care Counselor Training • New Believer Class COACH KIT INCLUDES: Coach's Master Set - 4 Teaching DVD's: All 10 Crisis 101 sessions. Session Length: 23-25 minutes. Each and every session will help anyone that has been or ever will be, in a difficult and troubling situation in life. I think that includes all of us! Bonus DVD: Introduction by Dr. Robert Morgan. A brief explanation of the series, how it came to be and what it will do to help everyone in your church, and beyond. Testimony Compilation – All program testimonies in one easy to access location Bonus CD: The "Making Sense of Life" Sermon Series (6 complete sermon outlines that support the project) Promotion Art & Graphics files for posters, flyers, bulletin inserts, handouts, etc...... Comprehensive Leader Guide: A step-by-step guide to assist instructors on every aspect of Crisis 101. Contains valuable tips, discussion suggestions, and activities to aid in making the series all it can be for participants. 10 Participant Manuals: This manual is a "must have" for each and every member of the class. It is filled with interactive activities and discussion to help participants apply each principle. Crisis 101 is not just another study. These life lessons will be used over and over again in the lives of the participants. Their manual will be something they will need as a resource as they walk through life. Dr. Robert Morgan (The Red Sea Rules) is one of the most respected authors and speakers in the country. There are over 4 million copies of his books in circulation worldwide.

Angels Danced the Day You were Born Picture Frame by Laurie Sherrell-Maurey

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by Heaven to Hand

Angels danced the day you were born photo frame for baby or a child.

Kingdom One Touch 7 Copy DVD 24X CD 48X Duplicator

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by Kingdom Inc.

Built by skill American technicians, each KDVA7 is rigorously tested before being considered salable.

Out for a stroll

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signed org. acrylic painting